Grisaille Painting
Start with greytones, then colorize.
Old world painting method.
Paint acrylic grey tones and then
glaze with colored oils.

Fish Tray
Traditional Decorative Acrylic Painting.
This project uses the layering technique.

Lace Heart
Pen and ink decorative acrylic painting
using various backgrounds.

Traditional Decorative Acrylic Painting.
Project good for beginners.

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      Ceil Specializes in:

Decorative Acrylic Painting
Colored Pencil Art
Grisaille Painting
Pen & Ink


Ceil Van Winkle, an instructor in the art of Decorative Acrylic Painting, has pursued many forms of art since a young child.

She attended the U of H where she majored in Home Economics and Art Education. In the past 33 years, she has taught elementary art, childrens and adult decorative Tole Painting, and has owned and operated a gift shop in Old Town Spring for about 12 years. Ceil taught various forms of art at Michaels store for 4 years and is currently co-owner of Chloe's Closet Art Studio.

Classes at Chloe's Closet Art Studio

For information about any of Ceil's classes, to schedule a class and to get information about cost or supplies call;

281 821-7416

or email at;

Pen and Ink

Pen and Ink with
Watercolor Pencil Glazing.

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